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There are many benefits of using our company, Studio 29 Web Design, to create a website from scratch using HTML/CSS. As opposed to creating a site based on a template, existing framework, or content management system (CMS), HTML and CSS builds everything from the base. Creating a website hand-built based on only HTML and CSS is very personalized, and also very difficult to hack. You will have the ability to control every aspect of your website design by choosing to build one from the ground up strictly using HTML and CSS. When you use a content management system, you may find that you are limited with specific customizations of your website creation. Using traditional HTML and CSS, instead of a CMS or template, grants you complete control over the design of your web page, and allows you more freedom to utilize specialized functions and custom applications within your site.

HTML Website Designers

Many sites are now built in a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress or Joomla, for example. However, building a site in traditional HTML/CSS without a CMS still has some benefits, and can be the best choice in certain situations. This is especially true when you would like to invoke a little more creativity and uniqueness in your website build. Choose to create a strictly HTML and CSS based website with our leading web development and design company, Studio 29 Web Design for your smaller webpages. We can also build more complicated sites that you would like to have extensively customized. Our web design team can do it all!

Of course, if you are feeling confused by the many web-design and development terms we have listed across our page, give the friendly staff at Studio 29 Web Design a call at any time.