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Need a simple and reliable hosting solution for your WordPress project? However, you don’t want to deal with all of the server configuration and other work that goes into managing a web server? Studio 29 Web Design offers managed WordPress hosting. In turn, this frees up your time and resources to focus on your WordPress website project. With Studio 29, we take care of the server administration and management. Optimized for speed and performance, our WordPress hosting packages are designed from the ground up. We offer maximum throughput for WordPress databases and site structure. Also designed for security and reliability, Studio 29’s WordPress hosting package is ideal for any WordPress project, large or small.

One of the primary benefits to a content management system like WordPress is ease of use. Users are able to design and develop their own full website with little to no coding knowledge. Unfortunately, there aren’t many systems to allow the same ease and low technical knowledge requirement for web server administration and hosting. With Studio 29’s managed WordPress hosting, all of the technical server administration and configuration tasks are handled by Studio 29, removing the need for a WordPress user to become knowledgeable about server administration. Never worry about PHP versions, SQL Database management, control panel and Apache versions, or configuring hardware resources again – Studio 29 will handle all of that, leaving you free to design and develop in WordPress.

Support and ease of use

Beyond having an ideal hassle-free environment to develop your WordPress project in, managed WordPress hosting from Studio 29 also includes access to our team of WordPress experts. Our team is capable of handling any WordPress design or development request, from a full WordPress site design and build, to a simple short consultation for some quick advice. Our managed WordPress hosting packages can be configured for a single site or multiple sites, and make it easy to import your WordPress project from another host if needed. Studio 29 can have you up and running with your own high-powered and secure WordPress hosting environment quickly and affordably, so call today and speak with our team!