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Email Marketing

Email Marketing (Not Spam!)

In today’s world, most websites have a “Subscribe to our Newsletter” form, for interested users. Unsolicited spam emails are never an effective marketing strategy. The first thing you will need for good email marketing is: an email list. You can use a lead magnet to add interested users to your email list.  A lead magnet can be a coupon, free trial, sample, free quote on your services, etc. The end goal of any marketing campaign is to drive more potential customers to your web page, boost awareness, and increase sales on your products and services.

A lot more goes into successful email marketing than you may think! Our team is highly experienced in creating email advertisements and newsletters (see our portfolio below). There are many tactics that go into a great strategy for marketing campaigns, including segmenting your email list, improving email open rates, avoiding spam filters, and so much more!

Successful Email Marketing with Studio 29 Web Design

Creating and maintaining successful marketing strategies can feel overwhelming if you’re trying to do it alone. Studio 29 Web Design is familiar with many tools, software, and plugins to create effective marketing campaigns. We have the best designers and developers who are trained in graphic design, newsletter design, and all forms of digital marketing. At Studio 29,we’re your one stop shop for all things web design and marketing! We can help you create an online presence essentially from scratch including designing your logo, developing your website, and then launching an email marketing campaign to drive customers to you.

Your email marketing campaign will only be as successful as the content you include and the tactics used. Studio 29 Web Design has skilled content creators that are experienced in a variety of topics and business types. We also have excellent research abilities and marketing skills in order to reach your specific audience. Additionally, we know that you are likely far too busy to keep up with all the ins and outs of managing and creating email marketing- let Studio 29 do it all for you!

Contact us today to begin planning a hugely successful email marketing strategy for your business, organization, or start-up.