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Lead Generation & Tracking

Looking to setup lead generation with tracking?

With the increase of social media platforms and advanced targeting, small and medium-sized businesses can now advertise on the same level as national brands. Lead generation & tracking is a proven way to increase website traffic and sales.

Our methods have changed several times over the past few years. Therefore, it is essential to continue to evolve your strategy by tracking data and generating new leads consistently. For instance, paid social advertisements and inbound content strategies are a great start. Also, there are outbound voice and email marketing strategies that can also be highly successful. We have tried everything to get our clients results. Repeatable, scalable results that are ready to continue growing with you. In conclusion, after years of testing and comparison, we have created a system that gets the best results for our clients.

Using tracking to your advantage

Studio 29 Web Design will help you set up and manage your lead generation and tracking campaigns. It’s vital for our team to help you understand tracking so that you can hold your lead generation accountable, as well as your business staff and operations. The leads that we deliver with our marketing service are relevant and will have a much better ROI than your standard cold card or inbound lead generation techniques. Using our combination of digital marketing and outbound strategies, you can count on our generated leads working for your business.

In conclusion, our data-driven systems will help you generate and track qualified leads for almost any market. Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss the potential your online web business has. Our expert lead generation staff has worked with financial advisers, sales coaches, company culture consultants, designers, and e-commerce businesses.