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Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing for Small and Large Businesses

Social media marketing, or SMM for short, involves creating content which is to be shared on social media platforms. It can be very effective when done properly, and is fairly inexpensive, or even better- free! More and more businesses are looking to engage with their followers and customers by using digital marketing on social media.  This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other up and coming social media platforms. It simply does not make sense to not have a social media presence, no matter how large or small your business or organization is.

The goal of SMM is to reach your customer base on their preferred platforms, essentially raising your brand’s awareness. Other goals will include increasing website traffic, driving sales, and building brand loyalty. You can use graphics such as photos and videos, text, links, and so much more to create a “buzz” about your brand. In order to create the most effective content for a solid social media strategy, you will need to research your audience. Pay attention to trends they are following, and use them to your advantage in your social posts. This can include hashtags, memes and humor, trending stories, and so much more.

Hire Studio 29 for Marketing

Studies show that potential customers trust brands more when they feel there is a real person behind their social media, as opposed to a robot. Therefore, it is important that you show a little personality in your posts. Additionally, you should use an appropriate tone, and avoid posting anything that can be highly offensive. The team at Studio 29 Web Design can help you develop a marketing strategy for each social media platform. We can help with paid social advertising, as well as cost-effective and free advertisements.

We are familiar with using various software and applications in SMM to help you get the most out of your advertisement budget. Contact the marketing experts at Studio 29 Web Design to start planning your marketing strategies for social media. We can do it all!