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Logo Design & BrandingLogo Design and Branding

Potential customers respond well to a creative, well-designed logo. Your logo should be simple, original, and easily recognizable. Our premier web development company, Studio 29 Web Design, can create you a custom, effective logo. Customers should be able to identify your business by the use of a logo, or icon. We go above and beyond just designing logos, however. We do complete logo design & branding.

What is the Difference Between a Logo and a Brand?

Having only a logo won’t get you very far. You also need a brand identity. A logo will help to identify your business, however, a brand is how a customer perceives your company. A brand relies heavily on how a customer emotionally relates to your business. In addition, your brand is made up of a few different elements, including fonts, a color scheme, slogan and your logo, among other visual devices.

Our developers are able to come up with an entire game plan for your branding strategy with your vision in mind.

Hire Studio 29 Web Design for Logo Design and Branding

Our web designers can help you create your logo, and begin to build your brand. It all starts with your vision. We will design you a creative, attractive logo, and help you choose everything else. We can also update existing logo designs, and help you come up with a new strategy for your brand.