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Web Hosting Extras

Web Hosting ExtrasWith a variety of hosting options and add-ons, Studio 29 Web Design can tailor or modify your hosting service to fit any need. The most common hosting package upgrades include e-mail hosting, SSL security certificates, and website backup services. Beyond these upgrades, our web design team is able to offer many other features and web hosting extras. Some of these are included in our various hosting packages, and all of these options can be added to any service to create a custom fit hosting package for whatever requirements you might have.

E-mail hosting can be added to- or included with any of our hosting packages. Therefore, this allows for you or your company to create and manage e-mails with an unlimited degree of customization. This allows you to have your domain name after the @ symbol in the e-mail addresses you create.  Additionally, this web hosting extra will allow you to set custom rules and procedures for different types of commonly sent or received e-mails.

SSL security certificates are becoming standard for all sites, and web security is becoming more important by the day. Whether you are transmitting and receiving basic contact information or sensitive financial and identification information, we are here to help. Studio 29 can recommend, install, and manage whatever level of encryption security you require. Because of this, your customers can feel safe and secure providing you with their personal information.

Finally, backing up your site on a regular basis is essential to protecting the hard work and novel ideas that you have incorporated into it. Our team is able to offer several levels of backup service, with different frequencies and storage options available to accommodate any necessity.

Choosing the right features

With a plethora of extra hosting options to choose from, and Studio 29 Web Design’s expert guidance, creating or modifying your hosting package to the perfect specification couldn’t be easier. With live team members available by phone, you’ll never be stuck with a cookie-cutter plan or limited to a hosting package that isn’t ideal for you. Call today to begin discussing hosting options with our team, and we’ll be happy to offer advice and up-front pricing to make your hosting decisions as easy as possible.