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Hosting Packages

Web Hosting PackagesWe offer a range of web hosting packages, from simple and basic- to robust and high powered. Studio 29 web design is well equipped to handle any web hosting task you might have. Further, we provide general hosting packages for the more common scenarios, and specialized hosting options for specific applications.

Therefore, we are sure to have a hosting package that fits your individual needs! Studio 29 Web Design can even offer tailor made hosting packages to fit a special requirement- just in case that one of our existing packages doesn’t exactly match your requirements.

Our generalized hosting services include Basic, Business, and Corporate. These will be ideal for most standard configurations. Choose a basic hosting package for simple smaller websites. Or, maybe you need the business package for eCommerce and sales websites.  Finally our Corporate package can handle even the largest and most demanding of websites and web applications.

Our specialized packages include pre-made hosting environments for WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, and a number of other platforms. Specialty hosting packages are also available!  Whether you need a simple email host, a meticulously secured server, or a dedicated hosting option with root level access…. Studio 29 can meet any hosting need, no matter how generic or unique.

Great hosting = Great user experience

The importance of a high quality website hosting package that meets the needs of your site cannot be overstated. Aside from being a home for your website on the Internet, your hosting package will affect the speed and efficiency of your website.  In conclusion, we can create a hosting package custom designed just for your needs.

Call today to speak to our team about your specific hosting needs, and we’ll be happy to recommend the perfect hosting package, or we’ll create one just for you!