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Marketing Research and Planning

Market Research and Planning for Businesses

Most startups and businesses have plenty of ideas but are lacking the people, and resources. We understand that all businesses need a marketing plan, but start-ups and small businesses cannot afford to invest thousands of hours or dollars on research and planning. Studio 29 Web Design offers relevant, and accurate market research and planning for start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. 

As the own of your business, you’ll want you ask yourself:

  • What is my market size?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • What are our most significant opportunities?
  • How are we different from the competition? 
  • How do we reach our audience? 
  • What sort of budget do I need to reach my goals?

It all seems easy at first, but your competition is not stupid, and likely not new to the market. It’s important to understand your competition and your market to prevent yourself from burning through cash on tough marketing strategies. We believe that accurate marketing research and a bullet-proof marketing plan will help you get your business on the map, and avoid common pitfalls. 

Contact the experts at Studio 29 Web Design to create a better plan for your business.