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Does my site need an SSL Certificate?

SSL CertificatesSSL encryption is essential when it comes to website security, and specifically the security of your users’ data.  It is important that your web pages include an SSL certificate.  All relationships are dependent on trust!  The relationship between a potential customer and a business over the web is no exception.  You can guarantee your users that their private information is secure by adding an SSL certificate.  Therefore, you’ll have a trust advantage over your competition. Furthermore, this trust can be easily bolstered by adding one of Studio 29 Web Design’s SSL Certificate packages to your website.

Adding an SSL certificate will encrypt any communications between the user and your site.  Henceforth, this will show your users how secure their data with the presence of the SSL certificate in the address bar on their browser. Your site will be enabled to use the HTTPS protocol, and will show the green padlock in various browser address bars. In conclusion, this lets your customers know that you care about their data and that you’ve taken steps to protect it.


Wide-ranging benefits of adding Encryption

Besides the obvious benefit of increased security for your site and your users, there are dozens of other benefits that adding an SSL certificate will provide. We’ve already mentioned the outward appearance of your site, with the “HTTPS” protocol and green padlock being displayed in the user’s address bar.  However, there are behind the scenes benefits as well. The two biggest advantages of having a quality SSL certificate from Studio 29 lie with SEO and eCommerce.  It will also give you a boost in Google’s ranking algorithm, and the ability to process sales and credit card data.

Google considers SSL in its ranking of websites, and favors HTTPS sites over unsecured sites.  In conclusion, adding this encryption will result in more traffic, leads, and sales. PCI credit card compliance requires any website that processes credit card information to be SSL secured, and doing so will allow you to process payments right through your own website, while staying compliant with regulations.

Studio 29 Web Design knows the true value of the SSL certificate and encryption, and recommends this security for any website, regardless of size or purpose. Contact our experts today to get started!