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Starter HostingStarter Hosting

Are you looking for an affordable hosting plan with lots of features? Starter Hosting from Studio 29 is an excellent choice. Ideal for small businesses and personal/hobby sites, Starter Hosting is Studio 29 Web Design’s most budget friendly hosting package.

While more basic than our other hosting packages, the Starter package is still rich in features and capable of handling most basic websites and web-based projects. Operating on reliable and high powered servers, Studio 29’s Starter package also includes built-in security and excellent accessibility. Starter Hosting from Studio 29 is also scalable, meaning it can be upgraded to more robust hosting packages if needed in the future, with no interruption in your service. With our Starter package, you can start your website or online project out affordably, by only paying for the hosting you need, and scale up later as your online presence or business grows.

Clean and Simple

The Starter Hosting package offered by Studio 29 Web Design is an excellent choice for new web projects. Not only does this hosting package have all of the resources and features you need to get started, it also runs on a managed server, so there are less technical hurdles to overcome regarding server administration. With a standardized environment managed by Studio 29, you won’t need to worry about complicated server settings or software, and you can focus instead on your website or online project.

The only thing simpler than getting up and running with Studio 29 Web Design’s Starter Hosting package is the pricing. With honest and fair up-front prices, no hidden fees, and experts available to consult and advise, you’ll never be surprised with an unexpected hosting cost. Our hosting team is familiar with all hosting situations, and would love to speak to you about your site or web project. Call today!