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What is Magento?

Magento Design

Magento is a unique content management system primarily used for creating great e-commmerce websites. Although it’s primary focus is e-commerce and store management, many people still use Magento for basic websites. Magento is popular due to it’s ease of use, and rock solid stability. Studio 29 Web Design is here to build your website using Magento. Additionally, it is faster to develop your site in Magento than to build one from complete scratch. Furthermore, you have a lot of opportunity for custom designs and usability when utilizing Magento as your Content Management System.

Also, your website can easily be scaled up as your company grows. Google and other search engines can easily read the SEO found in Magento. Because of this, using Magento for your E-Commerce website can help give you a competitive advantage within the search engine results.

Hire Studio 29 Web Design to Create Your Website in Magento

Our web development staff is very experienced and highly trained in working and using Magento to build websites and e-commerce stores. We will walk you through on how to use all of Magento’s special features and extensions to create the best possible user experience. Our staff of web designers will help create an attractive web page to help bring more traffic to your site. With our expert design staff you can rest assured that your website will be creative, beautiful, and responsive across all devices. Rest assured that Magento can handle large and small businesses, allowing the sale of thousands or products! Our designers and developers are always available to answer any questions you may have about creating and working with Magento.

Contact the awesome staff at Studio 29 Web Design to begin creating your best website yet!