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Website Migration

Are you looking to migrate your website?

Are you moving to a new web hosting provider or public cloud provider? Need to migrate your online website or servers? Not sure where to begin or how involved a migration is? A website migration isn’t a task that comes up every day and often is more advanced than a simple lift and drop of your data from one place to another.

After completing hundreds of server migration projects, and offering migration services for over fifteen years, we have a proven migration solution that minimizes potential issues before, during, and after the move so that you can get back to business quickly. Combine our experience with our tactical, and cost-effective migration services approach, and you’ve got nothing to fear.

Trust our experienced website migration team!

Your technology team is busy with their daily tasks keeping your business running successfully. We know that at your company, website migration isn’t a regular event. But at Studio 29 Web Design, migration is a daily event. It’s what our studio does all day, every day. With hundreds of migrations under our belt, we’re ready to make it easy, save your time, and ensure your migration is successful.

Depending on your migration needs, you can migrate to:

  • Managed web hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • Cloud hosting & backups
  • Shared or re-seller hosting
  • Data-center and Co-location Hosting
  • Hybrid Hosting Solutions