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Are you seeking a fast and reliable hosting solution for your business, without the high price tag? Do you need a professional yet affordable web host to take the uncertainty and irritation out of your website equation? Studio 29’s Business Hosting package is a great choice. We have specialized servers designed for reliability and fast page delivery.  Studio 29’s Business Hosting is a cost-effective solution for your e-commerce or other business website.

Some web hosting companies like to try to convince their business customers that a more expensive enterprise level server is necessary to host their business websites. Others prefer to lure companies in with promises of low pricing and excellent support.  Later, they raise the price after a short time, and disappear instantly when support is requested. Studio 29 Web Design stands apart from these companies!  We offer honest and up-front pricing, with no hidden fees. Our support team is well versed in nearly all hosting and website related situations, and is happy to assist promptly and politely when needed.

Only pay for what you need

Studio 29’s Business Hosting package is perfect for small to medium sized businesses who have considerable website traffic.  It is also efficient for online payment gateways, or e-commerce sites with large databases of customers and products. With custom configurations available to fit nearly any requirement, and add-ons available for specific situations, choose Studio 29. Our hosting packages allow our clients to find a personalized hosting arrangement with all of the features they need, without any extra costs for features that they don’t.

Finally, if you’ve worked with any other hosting companies, you’ll be sure to appreciate Studio 29 Web Design’s up-front and honest approach to pricing. Where other companies like to sneak in hidden fees, or increase the costs over time, Studio 29 is honest and all-inclusive with its pricing. We will never bill you for fees that aren’t discussed or clearly represented when the hosting agreement is made. If you’re ready for a reliable and fast Business Hosting solution at a great price and with great support, call our team at Studio 29 Web Design today!