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Do you have a large website or web application that requires excellent responsiveness, capacity for traffic, and expandability? Studio 29 Web Design’s Corporate Hosting package can deliver. Virtual private server hosting from Studio 29 can be configured to dedicate resources wherever and however you need them deployed. With scalable resource options, your hosting arrangement is able to grow along with your company or website. With dedicated resources, you’ll never see performance negatively impacted by outside factors.

Most large custom web based applications and sites require server customization beyond what is normally offered with more basic hosting packages. Studio 29 can offer full user control on our corporate VPS servers, so you can customize and alter any settings you might require. Whether you need a special version of PHP, a specific software package installed, we do it all. If you require full ability to edit the server system files, you’ll have the necessary access to control and tweak every single aspect of the server. As an alternative, Studio 29 can also provide server management services! We can configure and administer your server to whatever specification you provide. This takes the server administration work off of you and your company. Therefore, you have more time to focus on your site, traffic, customers, and metrics.

Reliability, Speed, and Support

All of Studio 29’s hosting options have excellent speed and reliability.  Furthermore, our Corporate Hosting package takes these characteristics to a whole new level. Capable of running even the largest websites with ease, Studio 29 Web Design’s VPS hosting is specifically designed to provide all of the server power you need, and then some more. This allows your website to run at peak performance, even during high traffic periods or high bandwidth usage situations. With all of this server power, backed by Studio 29’s world class support and service, you won’t find a more complete hosting solution anywhere. Call today to speak to our hosting experts and get started!