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E-Mail Hosting

Email Hosting

When considering a hosting solution for your business or organizational email, there are things you should consider.  Privacy, security, and reliability are typically the most important factors. With Studio 29 Web Design’s email hosting, you’ll have all of these features and so much more. Utilizing our top-level spam and virus protection, your systems will be safer from the ever growing danger of malicious software and phishing.  Additionally, they’ll have the added convenience of having junk and spam filtered and quarantined before arriving to your inboxes. Factor in our guaranteed email hosting privacy, and you’ll never need to worry about your email being read, scanned, or sold when you host your email with Studio 29. We guarantee uptime, so you’ll always have fast, reliable access to your email, contacts, and communications.

Professional and customizable

Having your own email addresses for you and your  team members is obviously important for communication. Ensuring that your email addresses look professional, with an “@yourdomainname” style address, is crucial!  Furthermore, building confidence with your contacts is essential to promoting and reinforcing your brand. When you choose Studio 29’s email hosting package, you’ll get the addresses you need at an affordable price.  In turn, this will be helping your organization to look professional and to save money while doing so. Offering options to add more addresses, storage, and routing settings, Studio 29 can ensure that you’ll never be limited in what your email can be customized to accomplish. Instant access through webmail, mobile, and email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird, you will always get your messages.  In conclusion, take advantage of Studio 29’s dedication to reliability and service.  Studio 29 ensures you’ll never be without access to your email communications platform.

Support and migration

Sometimes old email providers can be less than satisfactory, but the prospect of migrating to a new one can seem even more undesirable. Studio 29 Web Design is here to change that. Employing our fast and efficient Email host migration service, we can get your email accounts and mail off of your old provider and onto our feature rich email hosting platform quickly and without any data loss. This process is specifically designed to eliminate downtime, and provide a seamless transition onto our more reliable platform, with all of the features that you need. With Studio 29’s years of experience and expert support, we’ll get your email hosting working the way it should, and keep it performing at the top of its game. Call our expert team today!