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What is WordPress Design?

WordPress DesignWordPress is a content management software used to create websites. It is very simple to organize and edit your pages and other data, and therefore, is easily manageable. Additionally, due to its ease of use, you do not need to spend too much time on formatting. Because WordPress is a browser-based CMS, your site can be managed from anywhere. Most importantly, a huge amount of features, themes, and plugins used in a website designed by WordPress are free, because it is open source. You don’t need extensive knowledge in HTML and coding to create a website in WordPress, however, it is very helpful to still use a web design company like Studio 29. Our company has a strong understanding and focus in WordPress design.

Designing a Website with WordPress

Websites built using WordPress are becoming increasingly popular. This is largely due to its ease of use, along with its huge community. Your site is can be fully customized in a short matter of time. Search engines also love websites built in WordPress! The SEO and coding behind your site will be simple for search engines to process quickly. While everything in WordPress is very easy to set up, it is still necessary to use a web designer like Studio 29 to create an efficient website. We know how to control every single aspect of your site. Talk to the friendly, knowledgeable web developers at Studio 29 Web Design to get started today.